"How I got in this mess"

To begin the kick off of the Labor Day weekend of 2007. I planed to head out to my Hunt Club for a couple of days to work on our fall food plots, but Before that I decided to quickly stop off at one of my local hunting spots and install one of my tree stand setups. This was going in an area which I became very familiar with the year prior and along with the gear that was needed, luckily I decided to grab my shoulder bag which housed my trail cameras and a bottle of water.

This particular area held a lot of promise. Not only because of the prior year’s experience of me witnessing one of the largest free range Whitetails I’ve ever seen, but additionally earlier that year I came across the March madness bonus by finding one side of his shed Antlers. That was Not only just another piece of the puzzle, but more evidence in solving the mystery of the Hunt. Additionally this was the side of the Antler Id seen that prior fall. These experiences were beginning to adding up. Not only to create a pattern, but the untold story as well. Throughout this process I forced myself to hold back, just the thoughts of being there again that upcoming November weighed heavily on my mind. Naturally my anticipations were all in hopes to have that chance to witness the Monarch a year older and a year Larger. Smarter Too! With all that angst, one thing that was furthest from my mind were the events that were about to unfold once I was in the woods. As I install those tree steps one at a time I came to a junction in the tree where I had to negotiate a few limbs and in order to proceed. I worked around them with both my hands on separate limbs as I tested one below with my feet, but as I applied my entire weight that limb folded under my weight. leaving me to hang by my hands until finally I needed to make a decision. Being about ten feet off the ground, I decided that the leap of faith was my Best option. As it turned out it was more of a death drop. As I pushed away from that tree I felt that something wasn’t right and moments later as I lay on the ground helpless. I was thankful that shoulder bag and the That Bottle of water were nearby. Because of that back breaking experience (Literally), I would end up laying there for over 24 hour period until help would arrive.

Fast Forward… I’ve always held in my soul, the desire to be in the outdoors at almost any cost. Part of my rehabilitation was and has always been to get back into the woods once again. With the Trac Machine I have accomplished that Goal. From this point forward, I want to dedicate my life to help others in Achieving what I have, but by eliminating the down time and the means to do the things we never thought we’d have think twice about doing Again. Think about Never again having to be beholden to someone to wheel you out to the woods or watching them doing some snow removal for you.

Improving the Quality of life of Others”

The Spring of 2009 is when I felt my recovery really began to take off. As most everyone in the rehabilitation Industry knows, the method in which a Person can achieve an expedited recovery is by adding the essential component called “Motivation”. The two things that Motivated me were… Achieving Physical Independence and Getting back into the Outdoors. While striving to achieving both of those Goals, I looked to eliminate as many of the elements that would potentially keep me from them and essentially keeping me Motivated. In that lied a greater Motivation of all and that was to help other members of my Community, by providing a systematic approach in which they also can do the things they once did or just dreamed about doing with very little to no assistance.

This is about the time when I crossed paths with the Visionary behind Trac Machine. It All began with A Co-Worker that was at Pheasant’s Forever event in Madison, Wisconsin. He came across the machine at that show and He had the attentiveness to grab his business card and forward it to me. After a few phone conversations we agreed to meet, so we could talk and I could try out the Unit. Prior to that interaction I was using my John Deere Gator fitted with a few simple modifications to travel out to my favorite Hunting spot in the Fall and Plow the drive in the Winter. I took it out Hunting several times and even made it to Iowa and Hunted their Handicapped hunt in 2008. While it adequately did its job, I felt as though I was driving in a Sherman tank and Stealth seemed to be out the window.

The Trac Machine that I first had a chance to test out was from tip to tail a well built machine, but it still had some suttleties that were just simply overlooked or were Not even considered. This is about when we joined forces in an effort to continue to build a sound machine that logistically made sense to our customer base at large. From the Spring of 2009 thru this past Turkey season. We’ve had and a lot of positive synergy as we work hand in hand and stayed very closely involved in the trials of the machine, its systems and features.  Since those early days… We have Cut, Welded, Drilled and Tested our way forward to create the model we have today. The Good news is… Our R&D dept. is never closed and our commitment to our Customers is a never ending process Night and Day. Finally, we are Always looking to for our customers feedback on ways to improve the Machine based on a personal need or even how it performs in most any unfamiliar condition within our Great Country.


Excerpt from “Brochure 2016”

“We have been working hard since 2007 testing and developing The Trac Machine. Many companies have tried to convert their vision of what an off-road wheelchair experience should be and they’ve achieved exactly that. An Off-Road Wheelchair.

This is where we separate ourselves from the competition – we are the Customer! We understand the intent of needing to be Off-Road is just the beginning of one’s challenges. Our engineers were looking for a design that would go well beyond the backside of the curb, all while handling the workload of the day.

Once you climb into the driver’s seat and become the operator, you will begin to feel the power, security, comfort and style. This ultimately is the by-product of our engineering and design set in motion.”